Pallet Racking - Rack83


Pallet Racking - Rack83

Rack83 is a traditionally designed pallet racking system, suitable for use as drive-in, high-rise or as a compact storage installation where the racks are mounted on rail running mobiles. A considerable range of accessories and safety equipment make Rack83 a secure and effective storage system for most warehouses.

The Rack83 design is a result of our own RND department and is now well established in the market place. Rack83 is in use all over Europe and has for years been a leading pallet racking system in Scandinavia. Rack83 exists in most businesses as conventional pallet racking, but also in special designs e.g. cold stores as mobile compact storage (MOVO) or as drive in racking for products of bulk character.

Rack83 is, due to its design and versatility, an economical strong pallet racking solution for most warehouses where handling and storage is based on pallets.


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Pallet Racking - Rack83

The Rack83 design consists of up-rights, beams and diagonal bracing.

The patented, simple and quick beam locking system makes erecting the racking safe, fast and easy.

Up-rights are manufactured in three different widths for precise requirements. Depths and width of rack design according to demand and needs.

The beams are available in the latest I-design profile in heights 100, 120 and 150 mm or as the more standard Box-design in heights 100, 120 and 140 mm.

Rack83 is manufactured from durable hot dip galvanized rolled steel.


Pallet Racking - Rack83


  • Lengths without joints: 2,0-12,0 m in steps of 0,5m


  • 12 different lengths. I-profile or Box-profile,
  • Beam heights 100, 120, 140 and 150 mm

Depth of frame can vary depending on pallet dimensions

Accessories: Safety equipment, different design of security bars, pallet stop bars, snap-on column guard (Protect It), floor mounted metal column guard. Considerable program of function accessories like: half pallet support, pull-out extension units, roller conveyer system, barrel support, support for cable drums, steel and mesh shelves