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P90 Pallet Racking installation for Fix Price's new distribution centre

Customer: Fix Price/ Best Price LLC
Location: Dinskoy District, Krasnodar
Products: P90 Pallet racking system

Fix PriceBusiness need

Fix Price, a chain of discount variety stores, opened a new logistics centre becoming the company's largest facility to date.

They required a larger premises to accommodate for more stock and distribution to 11 regions within the country as well as goods to be sent abroad to Georgia. This resulted in the need for suitable storage solutions that were easy accessible and offered fast picking to keep up with business demands.

The Solution

CONSTRUCTOR RUS were selected for the job due to their expertise in warehouse logistics solutions. Addressing the company's need for easy access during the picking and loading processes, P90 Pallet Racking was the ideal solution offering unrestricted access which is suitable for storing all kinds of products. Perfect for the business due to their vast range of stocked products from household cleaning supplies, home goods and toys to beauty, cosmetics, and toiletries.

The Result

The installation for the P90 Pallet Racking was successfully completed within 35 days, which was a tremendous help for the business as they were able to start shipping off their first batch of goods straight away.

Fix PriceThe P90 accommodated 101,466,000 pallet spaces. With easy access via the front, items can be picked and stored quickly and conveniently to keep operations running smoothly.

Additionally, the company has cross-docking organisation in place allowing them to separate the receiving and shipping areas to increase efficiency in this fast-paced environment.

With 300 parking spaces for trucks available, Fix Price expects the turnover will be about 45 trucks and 75 medium-duty trucks per day to keep a constant flow in the distribution centre.

The pallet racking offers a versatile solution to keep up with the constant flow of the business needs.

About Fix Price

Fix Price is a universal retail store that sells a wide range of both food and non-food products at one fixed price. It sits under the management company Best Price LLC which its network includes 4,260 stores operating in over 1,000 locations.

The new distribution centre in the Krasnodar Territory will create more than 400 jobs providing an uninterrupted supply of goods to around 150 cities and towns in the region.