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Multifunctional production and warehouse group Project 111 fitted with P90 Pallet Racking

Customer: Project 111
Location: Leningrad region , Russia
Products: front racks P90

Project 111In 2019, Project 111, Russian leaders of the promotional products industry, announced the construction of one of the largest projects that St Petersburg warehouse real estate had seen in the last three years.

The warehouse complex covered an area of 38,000 sq. metres, which would include a dry warehouse for 25,000 pallet spaces and a three-story office attached to it.

The requirement

Due to an increase in sales and consumer demand, Project 111 implemented the plan for a new warehouse complex to fulfill all their needs.

"For the process of working on the complex, it was necessary to take into account the possibilities and advantages of modern building technologies. To ensure energy savings and security with the ability to use the facility in the long term. The project is to create the most conveninent and universal tool for the business." says the project's Technical Director Vladimir Skvortsov.

Project 111Throughout the year all prepatory work was carried out, along with the racking design that would fit in the new warehouse accommodating the pallet spaces.

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19 in 2020 a decision was made to suspend the construction, putting a huge delay on the whole project. In March 2021, construction resumed.

The solution

CONSTRUCTOR RUS were the chosen suppliers for racking systems, known for premium quality materials. Additionally, the company's manufacturing plant was in Kirovsk (Leningrad region), an ideal location for Project 111's warehouse complex.

In October 2022, one of the key moments for the construction was completed. The racking installation was able to take place within the main warehouse.

The warehouse pallet storage area covered 8,500 sq. metres and was fitted with wide aisle P90 pallet racking.

Project 111"The height of the racks reached 13 metres and the installed structures filled 16,773 pallet spaces with the option to extend to 20,000 spaces.

The result

The new complex offers more storage capacity than before which allows for an increase of orders whilst also reduces the processing and shipping time down to 48 hours.

"The shortage of finished products in warehouses and long lead times are the main brake on development of the market," believes Andrey Degtyarenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Project 111.

As a result the P90 pallet racking supplied and installed by CONSTRUCTOR RUS has provided the company with an efficient, more productive and operational space to allow for more orders, whilst improving the level of customer service too. The new warehouse complex can now handle up to 20,000 orders per day.

About Project 111Project 111

Since 1993, Project 111 LLC have been specialising in the supply, production, merch development, promotional products and business gifts.

Present day, they have 3,000 dealers representing them throughout Russia and neighbouring countries.

The company works through a partner network, which includes communication agencies, advertising and production companies, business supply services and retailers.