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Storage for complex equipment at Rostselmash's plant warehouse

Customer: Rostselmash
Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Products: P90 Pallet Racking

Rostselmash, RussiaBusiness need

Rostselmash is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. Their Rostov-on-Don plant required a complete modernisation of the warehouse facilities.

The main requirement for modernising the warehouse is to reorganise the storage area based in the assembly sections of the enterprise. They needed a new storage system specifically for preparations and accessories of agricultural machinery.

The solution

VEKOSYSTEMS-YUG LLC, partners of CONSTRUCTOR RUS, won the bid for this project due to their extensive work and experience on other projects implemented for Rostselmash.

Rostselmash, RussiaAdditionally, as VEKOSYSTEMS are based in Rostov-on-Don, they were in an ideal location for supporting Rostselmash throughout the project and could carry out the installation easily with minimum travel.

After assessing the warehouse space requiring a new storage system, it was decided that the best solution would be P90 pallet racking with various heights to accommodate products of different sizes.

The installation was scheduled for May 2022 and completed by the end of that month. The assembly was swift and precise allowing the company to move in and continue their operations. As a result, nearly 2,300 pallet spaces were created, with rack heights ranging between 6.5 and 10 metres.

The Result

Once the installation was complete, a total area of 1,400 sq metres was equipped with high-rise storage for simpler organisation and quicker pickings.

Premium-quality steel was used to ensure heavy loading capacity, particularly for machinery parts and components.

Rostselmash, RussiaThe racking tiers have been fitted with wire mesh shelving for safer operations and easier organisation when it came to storing goods of various types and sizes. All storage levels are equipped with horizontal back stops to avoid products from being pushed off during loading and unloading processes.

As per the customer's request the beams and shelving accessories were painted light grey. Together with the galvanised steel structures the overall effect in the warehouse offers a modernised and sleek appearance.

As a result, the customer received a solution that met their requirements perfectly. The high quality materials used in the project are designed to last ensuring business operations can carry out as normal for years to come.

About Rostselmash

It's a transnational group of companies, consisting of 13 enterprises with assembly facilities located in Russia, USA, Canada, and Kazakhstan. With 24 types of agricultural machinery and more than 100 models and modifications, the company has over 500 dealers around the world and around 13,000 people working in different time zones. It also holds a strong position in the top five world's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Under its own brand, Rostselmash produces a wide range of machinery and equipment for agricultural operations – from soil preparation to primary grain processing.

Providing electronic solutions to improve the efficiency of agricultural work and agrarian business.