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  • Dexion - Warehouse Distribution Center
  • Dexion - MOVO Mobile Pallet Racking
  • Dexion - Constructor Dexion Storage Machines and WMS 2

Dexion pallet racking, shelving systems, storage machines and logistics solutions

Dexion provides storage, archiving and logistics solutions for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. Being part of the Constructor Group, which is represented throughout Europe, we are one of the largest organisations in our industry, able to provide sales and technical support.


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Our Solutions:


- Pallet racking
- Shelving Systems
Small part handling
- Long goods handling
- Storage and Work areas
- Storage Machines and WMS
- Special product solutions
- Slotting Optimisation tools 

Looking for commercial products?


Being part of the Constructor Group, we also provide storage solutions for Archive, Office, Library, Museum, Health Care and Retail Storage solutions. We are then presented under the brands Constructor and Bruynzeel.

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