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Automated Storage Machines

Highly efficient picking and packing? Fast provision of small parts? Quick delivery of ordered goods all delivered by the most efficient route possible, minimising operator walking and waiting times?
It’s all possible with our dynamic storage and retrieval machines.

It pays to be picky...

Offering efficient storage solutions, for all types of small parts, for every industry.

Saving on floor space

Reduction in picking errors

Decrease in picking time

Organise and optimise your warehouse with our Storage Machines

Improve efficiency

Automatic storage systems significantly improve the efficiency of product storage and picking. The speed in which the goods are moved ensures a better use of capital, whilst the in-system management software increases the accuracy of stock inventory.

Reduce picking time

Picking time is reduced by more than 60%. Picking from traditional shelving averages 40 lines per hour, per worker, however, picking time from machines averages 120-150 per hour – more than halving operational time.

Reduce picking errors

The cost for extra work, delays and reclamations for incorrect sent items can total hundreds or thousands of Euros/Dollars per single delivery. Automation can reduce the number of picking errors by two thirds.

Save on floor space

With the correct type of machine, all available space can be maximised – even up to full roof height. Less safety space is required in comparison to traditional shelving, significantly reducing the overall footprint of the system.

Reliable and durable

The life time of an automatic storage system can be up to 15-20 years. With continuous service, we make sure to ensure as long life time as possible.

Introducing our range of machines

Storage Machines are computer-controlled storage systems that can significantly improve the efficiency of product storage and picking. In-built article management ensures the most efficient usage of Storage Machines
Our WMS program is developed for Tornado and can be included as standard with all our machines. Read on to find out more…

TORNADO - one of the fastest lift systems on the market

The Tornado Lift System is a dynamic storage system which moves vertically and delivers goods on a tray directly to the operator, either by simply pushing a button or scanning a barcode.

The simple structure makes this storage system reliable and low-maintenance, whilst the modular design enables customisation to meet nearly every requirement. It requires almost 75% less floor space compared to conventional storage solutions and can operate as a stand-alone system or as a multi-unit installation.

Tornado’s Big Tray brings about 20-35% more products to pick per movement, which speeds up the picking by 20%. Whilst multi-tray presentation brings trays to two different locations / levels in the opening.

Offering maximum storage capacity on minimum floor space and fast goods access, Tornado can operate in two different ways, FTP and HOT:

  • FTP (Fixed Tray Position) is the most efficient way to fill machines, with each tray being designed to store products of similar height – reducing the amount of empty storage space. An ideal solution for those who aren't sold on storing air!
  • HOT (Height Optimized Tray) is a great solution in instances where product measures vary a lot and the storage space is not intended to be used optimally.

Tower Storage Machines

Offering quick and full access to stored goods, effective space utilisation and the all-important high capacity on a small footprint, Tower Storage Machines are designed for storing and handling various types of heavy goods, especially material made of metal.

The vertical system can be fitted with multiple operator areas, either at front and/or at the side.

The optimisation of this design enables the loading and unloading of entire packages of heavy material using a forklift – as well as the handling of individual pieces, either manually by crane, or automatically with the in-out feeder.

It can also be equipped with a weighing scale to register the weight of the material being loaded or unloaded.

The intelligent control system is fully prepared for external communication and integration with Warehouse Management Systems, whilst the touch screen on the control panel enables manual or automatic mode of storage operations.

It is possible to combine individually working Tower Storage Machines to create a controlled multi-warehouse system:

  • Mono Tower - simple vertical storage system with one tower, lift and fixed operator table.
  • Double Tower - set of two storage towers, with a single lift. Horizontal trolley transfers the loading unit from/to the operator area.
  • Multi Tower - system compiled as a module combination of Double Tower(s). The combination creates a large storage capacity.

A few Case Studies

Every year we help scores of companies to become more efficient and more productive. We provide storage products that provide long-term solutions to clients in every type of business. And as our case studies show, they are delighted with the result.

Wipro, Romania

A recent project involved finding a way of storing rubber gaskets in a dust-free environment, whilst at the same time keeping inventory levels of stock readily available in real time.

Read Full Case Study
Ponsse, Finland

Although Ponsse stocks a small amount to supply the immediate area, the main objective of the centre is to provide fast, efficient deliveries to its network of 150 international service teams around the globe.

Read Full Case Study
Bauhaus, Denmark

Due to the large number of products offered, especially as the web-shop carried an impressive 11,000 separate articles, we recommended installing a Tornado storage machine.

Read Full Case Study

What our customers say

Our partnership approach is based on mutual trust and confidence. The high-quality solutions we develop in consultation with our customers make a genuine contribution to improving their business by providing a first-rate working environment.

“We chose the racking and the Tornado storage machine from Constructor because their products are high quality. Constructor are not the cheapest on the market, but they are definitely the best. Constructor always joins our projects with an open mind. They are innovative in their way of thinking, and they accept that a project may lead to nothing. To us they are more like a partner than a supplier.” -
Calle Nicolaisen, Project Manager from DF
“The automatic system enabled us to add a new servicing point to the workshop. Since the total capacity has increased and lead times have shortened, we are able to service 4–5 more cars per day.” -
Mats Lindblad, Workshop Manager.
“The machine has given us a better management of our small parts storage with bar code scanning providing secure storage. Also we have obtained space. What used to be stored in pallets and on shelving is now stored in only 12 square metres.” -
Bo Greve, Warehouse Manager.

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Storage Machines

Save up to 75% on floor space, reduce picking errors by up to 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

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