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Mobile Pallet Racking (MOVO)

Mobile racking (MOVO) is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking.
The racking is on a moving chassis, called trolleys on rails that are inserted into the floor. Every trolley has a control system and the entire block has a control panel.

Offering technical superiority and total flexibility, MOVO is suitable for every kind of stored goods.

Think MOVO is too expensive for you? Think again!
(MOVO can be affordable for anyone with phased implementation)

Mobile Racking is a reliable, proven system with over 10,000 installations worldwide.

Space saving compared to conventional pallet racking

Increase in storage capacity compared to conventional pallet racking

Pallet access. Each pallet can be accessed individually.

At the design stage, our MOVO can offer two different benefits:

• Add more capacity through using the available space
• Reduce the overall storage area

Mobile pallet or cantilever racking?

MOVO can be designed using pallet racking or cantilever racking.
The principles remain unchanged with the storage unit being mounted on mobile bases which are controlled electronically.

Advantages of mobile pallet racking:

  • High storage density
  • Ideal for cold stores
  • Easy to adjust
  • Simple to handle

Advantages of mobile cantilever racking:

  • Perfect for long goods
  • Loads handled barrier-free
  • No limitation in the length of the stored goods
  • Adjustable arm length for deeper products

Why MOVO is such a great solution in cold stores...

It is much more expensive to cool air than it is to heat it!

  • MOVO systems offer high energy reduction in air-conditioned warehouses
  • MOVO has a guaranteed operational safety of -30°C, which makes it ideal for use in cold-storage rooms.
  • 95% of all European cold stores are equipped with mobile racking
  • Automating freezer warehouses and keeping lift trucks inside the freezer can reduce energy consumption


A range of control options are available to meet all requirements:

  • Light control – only the open aisle is lit
  • Commission mode – open pre-selected aisles
  • Night position – even spread – improves air circulation
  • Sprinkler position – a mode for fire protection
  • Picking position – multiple aisles partially open for access
  • Remote control – diagnostic and maintenance from experts
  • Aisle selection via radio control – remote controlled aisle selection saves time as the fork lift truck driver can open the aisles before arrival

Operating the MOVO can be done either from the central pilot control, from controls on each trolley or via remote radio control.

Safety features

  • Acoustic warning before each movement
  • Flashing light during the whole movement process
  • Emergency stop buttons on each trolley instructs immediate cutoff
  • Complete safeguarding of the MOVO area by a multi-beam access control
  • Local safeguarding of the single wagons by bidirectional lightbarriers in the foot areas
  • European conformity according CE 2006/42/EG and DIN EN15095 is given

A few Case Studies

Every year we help scores of companies to become more efficient and more productive. We provide storage products that provide long-term solutions to clients in every type of business. And as our case studies show, they are delighted with the result.

Octapharma, Sweden

As they did not have any existing warehouse function and no prior experience of choosing a pallet handling system, Octapharma’s own team worked closely with our technical engineers to design the best system for them.

Read Full Case Study
Claus Sørensen, Denmark

To meet the capacity that Claus Sørensen wanted, we installed four separate systems to cover the 936m of floor tracks and 430 tons of MOVO with an impressive 12,400 pallet spaces.

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BTW, The Netherlands

Bakker had partnered with Dexion on the fit-out of its existing distribution centre, which had operated effectively for 17 years, so it was a natural decision to partner with them again for this new project.

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What our customers say

“Our warehouse function was previously outsourced and we have wanted to bring it in-house for some time. Working with Constructor Sweden we have gained a number of advantages including obtaining better control of our warehouse logistics. Other anticipated benefits are reduced costs and improved conditions for our staff.” -
Sarah Lundqvist, Project Manager, Octapharma
“The new plant increases our freeze capacity by more than 40%, and we now have more than 28,300 pallet places at the Port of Hirtshals. Simultaneously we have increased our cold store capacity to 2,000 pallet spaces, which is more than double than it was previously and still leaves the possibility for us to increase even further. We had been planning the expansion of our store in Hirtshals for some time and with the expansion of the port, we got the economy in place for the project. Thanks to the new warehouse we now have the storage facilities we need.” -
Cold store manager Morten Jensen.
“Bakker had an extremely good experience with the Dexion solution installed 17 years ago. When we made the strategic decision to expand, it was clear to us that we should again select a reliable mobile pallet-racking solution from Dexion.” -
Anne Baker, Owner, Bakker Transport and Warehousing.

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