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Storage capacity increased significantly with Pallet Shuttle System

Customer: CABB Oy
Location: Kokkola, Finland
Products/services used: Pallet Shuttle System

CABBCABB Oy is part of the German chemical group and manufactures plant protection products and pharmaceutical intermediates. The Kokkola plant is one of Group’s five production plants and employs about 200 people.

Processes in the chemical industry are strictly regulated. CABB does not compromise on safety - the factory invests in quality, chains of processes and practical operations. One link in the chain is the Kasten storage systems, which enable safe storage of their raw materials and finished products.

Cabb Oy needed to increase pallet storage capacity and minimize forklift traffic. The challenge for the main warehouse was to utilize the height of the high and sloping ceiling, and in the new warehouse to accommodate as many pallets as possible for the low and long space.

CABBIn the main warehouse, raw materials are received, products are shipped, and the packing department is also there. This warehouse uses both LIFO and FIFO principles for pallet handling.

In the new warehouse finished products and raw materials are handled and it operates on a FIFO principle.

Customer needs were met by the Kasten Pallet Shuttle System, a semi-automated, high-density storage solution with pallets moving in channels. It allows extremely dense pallet storage.

The radio-controlled shuttles used in the system can handle all pallet sizes available at the customer, both on a LIFO and a FIFO basis. There is no need for forklift trucks to enter the aisle, as the shuttle automatically handles the transfer of pallets to the channel opening and storing place. This also made it possible to minimize forklift traffic with this cost-effective and time-saving racking system.

CABB“The shelves are easy and quick to use. The duration time of the shuttle battery overtook our already surprisingly positive expectations at this stage. Thanks to the Pallet Shuttle System, we were able to increase storage capacity significantly compared to the originally designed racking’s, not to mention previously needed floor capacity for pallets”, says Jussi Valkama, Maintenance Engineer at Cabb Oy.

The CABB Oy Kokkola plant is part of the German chemical group and manufactures plant protection products, their active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. The factory is one of the group’s five production plants and employs about 200 people.