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Racking Brochure (Arabic)

The Arabic version of our Dexion Racking brochure. Pallet racking is the most effective method of storing pallets, but understanding what type of structure is needed can sometimes be confusing.

LS3 Brochure

Strong, durable, versatile. Dexion Longspan shelving gives you a new world of storage possibilities.


Efficient and safe pallet flow without physical strain on your staff. Ideal for companies, who have a need for handling empty pallets at floor level.

LS3 Longspan Shelving Leaflet

Are you in need of a storage solution for manually loaded goods? Is pallet racking too expensive or complex for your needs? Whether you are storing heavy loads, boxes, cartons, tubes or wires LS3 is the ideal solution for storing a wide range of bulk goods.

Shelving Systems

From a single shelving bay, to a vast installation, Dexion’s wealth of expertise and resources ensure your shelving not only meets your requirements right here, right now, but can accommodate your ongoing and changing needs in the future.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is the most effective method of storing pallets, but understanding what type of structure is needed can sometimes be confusing.

Storage Machines

Computer-controlled storage and transfer systems which fit perfectly with almost all types of storage requirements.

Ship Shelving Cabinets

Although shipping is one of the oldest industries in the world, which continues to dominate the world economy, most people know very little about this complex powerhouse that touches almost every single thing you use in life.

Shelving Accessories

From a single shelving bay to a multi-tiered picking facility, Hi280 is the ideal system.

Pull-Out Unit

The pull-out units are great solutions to improve the work environment. They prevent accidents and work injuries, increase picking efficiency, increase the number of picking and pallet locations, while saving time and walking distance.

Pallet Shuttle System

When considering a high density storage system look no further than the Pallet Shuttle System. Operating in a racking structure, similar to Drive-in, this system uses a remote controlled, semi-automatic, moving platform to place and retrieve pallets.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Our Mobile Racking system (MOVO) is the ultimate solution for high density storage of all pallet sizes or goods that need to be stored. It significantly reduces the storage area required, or doubles the storage capacity, while using the same space.

Longspan Shelving System

With a conventional shelving system, sometimes space is lost if goods do not fit exactly, especially for larger or oddly shaped goods. Longspan shelving system could be a perfect solution.

Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking is available in a wide range of options, to suit the storage of any long goods, whatever the size or weight of the products. For unusual applications, fully customised solutions can be provided.

Adjustable Shelving System

The HI280 Shelving System extremely robust and incredibly adaptable. The variety of applications is almost endless – from a small traditional shelving system to an automated high-rise racking i nstallation.