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Dexion roll-on racks for barrel storage with bouquets for E-Flora 

Name: E-Flora
Location: De Kwakel, Netherlands
Products: roll-on racks

E-FloraE-Flora, part of the Dutch Flower Group, offers the ideal total solution for companies that want to successfully sell flowers and plants online. They take care of stock management, fulfillment and logistics, in short, a drop-shipping company for flowers.

Due to the enormous growth, e-Flora decided to expand its capacities in the Netherlands. The building in De Kwakel, opposite the flower auction, was a practical choice, of course.

In England they already worked with a roll-on rack designed by Dexion, so they contacted Dexion Netherlands with the request for the same design and the installation thereof.

A continuous rack is a pallet rack with roller beds. These roller beds are mounted diagonally in the pallet rack, so that boxes, crates and, in this case, casks, roll forward.

E-FloraDexion has offered wreath rolls for this project; these rolls have an upright edge so that the casks with flowers cannot slide. Because the casks have no fixed weight (the number of flower arrangements and water differs per cask), there has been frequent testing to determine the correct slope angle. But now the casks roll neatly forward.

An additional advantage is that the loading and unloading of the flowers takes place in different aisles. In this way the flowers can be supplemented and collected at the same time. All without interruption and in accordance with the First-In-First-Out principle.

The reason for us to work with Dexion is the price-quality ratio, said Derek Pennings, Operations Manager at E-Flora.

E-Flora offers the ideal total solution for companies that want to successfully sell flowers and plants online.

E-FloraWe completely unburden our customers, so that they can fully focus on their sales and marketing activities. In addition to purchasing, production, stock management, order personalization, fulfillment and logistics, we also take care of photography and our design department always ensures clear distinctive capacity in the market.

Together with advanced IT links and revolutionary technologies, including being able to keep flowers fresh for a longer period of time without using water, this makes e-Flora a leading organization that actively supplies (online) retailers throughout Europe.