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A multi solution was the perfect solution for Grafisk Maskinfabrik

Grafisk Maskinfabrik, Denmark

Customer: Grafisk Maskinfabrik
Location: Birkerød, Denmark
Products/Services used: Hi280, Pallet Racking, Pull-out Units, Tornado Storage Machine, Mezzanine

Grafisk MaskinfabrikWith company activities spread over 3 locations, Grafisk Maskinfabrik had a strong desire to gather everything in one place. They managed to find an existing building close by, and then work began on arranging the new warehouse. The building had no windows, nor any power supply or ventilation, so it was no small project.

The requirement

The pre-design was the key to success with a clear plan for the various craftsmen, and not least the installation of the various storage solutions. In record time, the premises were made ready so that the first racking could be installed, and the first of the old locations closed down. Everything was "work-in-progress", with frequent construction meetings to meet the needs of all subcontractors.

The solution

Goods reception takes place at one end of the building, where various assembly parts arrive. Some are driven directly to pre- or main assembly, others directly to production, while others are stored in pallet racks, pull-out units or a storage machine located in an adjacent hall.

Grafisk Maskinfabrik

A milkrun ensures that the various components are transported to the various assembly processes.

In the transition from goods reception to the large assembly hall, 2 mezzanine solutions have been set up. One mezzanine is furnished with offices and a meeting room on the first floor, with a pre-assembly area below. The second mezzanine solution functions as an electrical switchboard workshop, and below is the "sandbox" where future products are developed, worked on and tested.

Grafisk MaskinfabrikThe assembly hall itself is divided into cells using Hi280 shelving. This unique design is explained by Production Director Peter Andersen: “We needed at least 10 large assembly cells in a main assembly, and I was not interested in one or 2 large gantry cranes, because when you have something running down from the ceiling, the logistics become difficult. So we had to design a solution with extraction and ventilation, which also included electricity and compressed air, all without chopping it into the floor. The solution was to extend the shelving frames, so we got a u-profile at the top. Here we designed a support plate for ventilation pipes, and on the top shelf cable trays were laid so that power cables could be routed out. The shelving were turned upside down every other time, so that the back can be used for internal communication in our Lean projects. The solution works really well, and if the need should arise to move the shelving around, this is done swiftly by loosening the anchorage in the floor”.

Grafisk MaskinfabrikThe result

“The first advantage was to have one single supplier of all the storage solutions. I am happy to have a partner who has products that match our requirements and how we work. In addition, it was extremely important to find a future-proof supplier, ie one that does not disappear from the market, so I can supplement everything in the future. Last but not least, Constructor’s consultant quickly understood my way of thinking, and was able to bid with good sparring along the way” says Peter Andersen, Grafisk Maskinfabrik.

About Grafisk Maskinfabrik (GM)

GM is a global player in the label industry, where the company has more than 40 years of experience in finishing and converting graphic machine prints. In addition, special machines are being built for the production of flexible plastic solar cells and safety documents. GM employs 110 people in Birkerød.