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Mobile tyre store drives business efficiency for motor dealer

Jørgen Hansen Biler, Denmark

Customer: Jørgen Hansen Biler
Location: Skærbæk Kommune, Denmark
Products/services used: Mobile Pallet Racking

Jørgen Hansen BilerBusiness Needs

Motor dealership Jørgen Hansen Biler, based in Denmark, was looking at ways to improve the efficiency of its operation, particularly in relation to its tyre store and vehicle servicing area.

The dealership was set up so that tyres where stored in containers in one location, across a road from the main vehicle servicing area and showroom. This meant technicians were spending valuable time fetching and carrying tyres between the storage area and the vehicle workshop.

A cost/benefit analysis was carried out to evaluate the cost of time spent transporting tyres versus investing in a new storage facility. The results clearly demonstrated the return on investment of creating a new facility. A 300sqm building was erected to house the vehicle workshop along with a dedicated tyre storage area.

With the new facility built, Jørgen Hansen Biler needed to optimise the tyre storage to maximise the use of its technicians’ time.


Jørgen Hansen BilerDexion looked at the type of goods that needed storing – in this case tyres – the range of makes and sizes, and the frequency with which they would be selected.

Our solution was to design and manufacture mobile tyre racking, with pallet racking on mobile units. These units are electrically driven via control panel. Wheels are stored in sets of four and placed on pallets. The pallets in return are placed on designated tyre inserts on beams.

To maximise the capacity of the storage area, the Dexion team:

  • Installed six rows of mobile tyre racking, with each row containing 54 sets
  • Created overall storage capacity for approximately 700 sets of wheels - currently 500 sets of wheels are stocked.

The workshop carries out ten to 12 tyre changes per day. The tyre storage section opens earlier than the workshop so that all the tyres are ready for the technicians when they start work.

Jørgen Hansen BilerSelecting the tyre is a simple matter of one driver and one forklift. The driver retrieves and deposits the pallet he needs, then pushes a button to open up another aisle, ready to collect the next set of tyres.

The benefits of Dexion’s mobile solution are that:

  • Technicians’ time is longer being taken up with fetching tyres
  • All tyres are fully accessible
  • The safety of the employees is prioritised
  • The tyres are stored safely and in a way that maintains their quality.

The Result

Jørgen Hansen Biler“The mobile tyre storage solution provides more benefits like better control of our wheels, the wheels are stored in a dry and safe manner, and it looks good. We take pride in our showroom and we want the tyre storage solution to reflect this. We have had some challenges along the way, for example the floor had to be re-levelled for the rails, but we are very pleased with the end result,” Jørgen Hansen, owner.

About Jørgen Hansen Biler

Jørgen Hansen Biler is a family owned business. The present owner, Jørgen Hansen, took over in 1990 from his father, who founded the company in 1961. The company is a leading dealer of world-renowned car brands Kia and Isuzu.