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Napakka required Hi280 shelving units for their new premises in Helsinki

Customer: Napakka Oy (Part of Packoplock Scandinavia AB) 

Location: Helsinki, Finland 

Products/ Services Used: Hi280 shelving

Napakka is one of the largest packaging materials companies in Finland, more recently they have incorporated a wide range of cleaning supplies, which they sell to businesses across Scandinavia and Europe.

With the influx of sales, Napakka moved to a new premises which offered more space to continue working effectively and comply to consumer demands. The company required a storage solutions provider to fit their warehouse with shelving units.

Hi280 shelving for NapakkaBusiness need

As the company sells smaller items such as cleaning supplies and packaging materials, they required units that would be easily accessible as well as providing an organised system to increase work productivity.  

As members of the Packoplock Scandinavia Group, the parent company of a wide range of packaging material companies across Scandinavia who are based in Sweden, Napakka were advised to use Kasten's Hi280 shelving units as these have been used across the group with successful results.  

Our Solution

Following the recommendations provided by the Group, Napakka were in contact with our dealer, Sareskoski, who scoped out the warehouse assessing the layout to decipher what the best way to approach the project was. Understanding the need for Hi280, our dealers were able to construct a plan and install the shelving units utilising the space available and optimising storage capacity.

The Result

Hi280 shelving being loaded Over 1,000 metres of shelving was installed across two levels, for convenient and easily accessible storage. This solution provided a more functionable and organised system, particularly for order picking and stock replenishment.

Since the Hi280 shelving installation, processing times have been cut down and more orders fulfilled within a shorter time period. Thanks to better organisation and placement of products for more efficient operations. Additionally, the shelving system offers a more ergonomically-friendly working environment, ensuring the health and safety of the staff. This is also improved by the available space between aisles to allow for more room for workers to pass one another and avoid disruptions in the order picking process.

Pre-galvanised Hi280 shelvingThe pre-galvanised shelves offer a clean and modern look, with a range of open and closed shelves for a variety of purposes. It also offers the opportunity for the company to expand on their shelving, if they require more storage in the future.

"We're so pleased with this end result." Ville Koskinen, Head of Sales commented. "The cooperation between Sareskoski and Napakka has been excellent throughout the project. After we received the recommendation to use Hi280 shelving, everything has gone smoothly and the final result has been fantastic."

About Napakka Oy

The company was founded in 1984 and sells the largest assortment of packing materials in Finland such as boxes, bags and wrapping paper. Additionally, they sell cleaning equipment, hygiene products and office supplies for businesses. They are also a member of Packoplock Scandinavia Group.