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Constructor supports Stadium’s expansion and supports its customer promise

Case study overview

Name: Stadium
Location: Moss, Norway
Products: Hi280 shelving systems; P90 pallet racking

Stadium, Norway Business need

Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports chain, with approximately 160 stores in Sweden, Finland and Germany. Its recent expansion into Norway has required extensive warehousing and inventory management solutions.

Stadium’s success depends on fast and accurate delivery from a three-zone stock directory of over 12,000 items, direct to online consumers and to retail stores – so Constructor’s solution not only had to tackle the business’ space shortage, but also ensure minimum disruption to distribution.

Constructor solution

Stadium, Norway Hi280 and P90 racking already features across Stadium’s multiple sites, so Constructor’s response to Stadium’s demanding brief for the Moss warehouse featured a combination of these racking systems that allows for buffer layers on the upper levels and efficient picking at floor level.

The installation has created a total of 2,620 easily accessible pallet locations and 8,850 picking locations, to a design that supports precise and fast order-picking and distribution: next-day delivery is part of the client’s customer promise.  

The Result

“It was crucial for us to have a future-proof system we can build on as we continue to expand – and to work with a partner we trust fully for our future needs. Constructor is a forward-looking business, like ours, so they understood what we were looking for.” - Kåre Nilsen, Warehouse/Logistics Manager


Stadium supplies sportswear and equipment to sports retailers across Sweden, Finland and Germany, and direct to consumers across the region via its online store. Its mission is ‘to inspire an active lifestyle’.