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Constructor's Pipe carousel enhances Statoil's onshore storage

Case Study Overview

Customer: Statoil
Location: Norway
Products/Services used: Cantilever Racking installed on Mobile Bases

Business need

Statoil stores workover risers (13-metre-long pipes) at a warehouse complex in Vestbase, Norway. These pipes are used at offshore oil drilling stations, connecting the rigs to the drilling heads.

At Statoil's warehouse complex, these bulky and costly pipes were stored in a number of areas. This presented challenges when moving the pipes as there was no uniform storage solution, and no uniform method of preparing them for transport to the rigs.

This arrangement was time-consuming and problematic – especially when periodic inspections were carried out on the pipes in storage.

statoil norway

Constructor solution

Statoil has a long-standing relationship with Constructor spanning a quarter of a century. Constructor has supplied many storage solutions to Statoil during this time, many of them at their warehouse site in Vestbase.

Constructor was able to provide a Cantilever Racking System installed on Mobile Bases, which offered Statoil a systematic handling and maintenance solution for these pipes.

These bases run on rails, cast into the concrete floor. The bases are activated from a control box on the front of the base, or by remote control. The bases move one side it open the requested aisle. The Constructor solution ensured a uniform storage carousel is used for all the pipes stored at Vestbase. With the mobile bases for easy movement for testing and transporting to the off-shore rigs.

Benefit of the Constructor solution:

  • Existing relationship meant Constructor already had a deep understanding of Statoil's business needs.
  • Systematic handling and maintenance solution for these pipes.
  • Carousal with mobile base allows for uniform storage and movement of bulky and expensive pipes.
  • Solution allows for easy movement for testing and transporting to the off-shore rigs.

statoil norwayThe result

"We have managed to obtain many more advantages with this solution: we have gained quick access to each individual pipe and the pipes are now stored indoors, making the inspection much simpler.” - Bjarne Brunsvik, Operations Manager, Statoil

About Statoil

Statoil is the Norwegian multi-national oil and gas company – a major crude oil seller and the second-largest supplier of natural gas to the European market. Statoil also supply renewable energy to the UK through its offshore wind farm Sheringham Shoal.