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Installing TORNADO in Volvo Truck Center's new state-of-the-art facility

Customer: Volvo Truck Center
Location: Gardermoen, Norway
Products/ Services used: TORNADO, P90 Pallet racking, Hi280 shelving and Mezzanine Floors

Volvo Truck Center, NorwayBusiness need

Volvo Truck Center decided to move locations to the new Gardermoen facility, a few hundred metres from the E6, the main transportation route in Norway. The company provides parts for trucks of all sizes and required new storage installations before opening the new premises.

It was crucial for Volvo to find the right logistics provider to install beneficial storage systems ideal for the busy and fast paced working environment. With over 4000 spare parts and components the company needed efficient storing with easy and safe accessibility.

The solution

Constructor's proposal included a TORNADO storage machine, P90 pallet racking, Hi280 shelving and Mezzanine Floors. Due to the busy environment, this solution addresses the need for swift and accurate picking, in addition providing plenty of storage systems for different types of products without wasting valuable floor space in the workshop.
Once the proposal was accepted, work began on the installations.
The result

Volvo Truck Center, NorwayThe project was a success. Constructor installed the TORNADO storage machine to hold over 1850 articles, it gives an easy overview of the range of products stocked within. The machine allows for faster and more accurate picking. It also provides a safer environment for the staff to work in, whilst waiting and retrieving the necessary parts.

Alongside the storage machine, 8 bays of P90 pallet racking were included allowing for maximum storage capacity and 99 bays of Hi280 shelving, supplying a variety of shelves and containers for storing different shapes and sizes. Both solutions answered the need to optimise floorspace and additional storage to handle the numerous orders for parts coming in. It has increased the production flow and allows operations to run smoothly and effectively.

Mezzanine floors were also included in the installation, this utilised the height of the building to create more availability to add Hi280 shelving without wasting space for the business to continue to function efficiently.

Management at Volvo Truck Center were incredibly pleased with how the installation went, Constructor have brought in versatile and adjustable solutions to help the business's growth.

Volvo Truck Center, NorwayØivin Rise, operations manager at Volvo Truck Center, commented on their successful journey at the new facility in Gardermoen. “We are very satisfied with both the delivery and service we’ve received from Constructor. It’s important that we’re easily able to make changes and adjustments in our job, the solutions provided help us with this. The quality and service will last for many years to come which is great for a business like ours, when you don’t want to spend time on small things like that.”

About Volvo Truck Center

Volvo Truck Center is a part of the Volvo Group who have been around for over 80 years providing customers with the widely known vehicle brand. Volvo Truck Center focusses on the servicing, repairing, and selling parts of a wide range of truck sizes from long-haul vehicles to smaller vans.

The Gardermoen branch has over 40 motivated and highly experienced employees on hand, working on one of two shifts to ensure the business runs efficiently.