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Dexion supplies warehouse equipment to Welkoop

Welkoop BV, The Netherlands

Company: Welkoop BV
Place: Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Products supplied: P90 Pallet Racking, Hi280 Shelving

WelkoopWelkoop is a recognised retailer primarily in animal and gardening products. They have a strong online presence as well as stores all around the Netherlands.

The requirement

Due to increasing demands Welkoop needed to expand their warehouse capacity by building a new distribution centre.

Our solution

Thanks to the high quality standards of our P90 uprights we were able to mount them with only one anchor. In case of impact by any warehouse truck the amount of damage can theoretically be limited - the upright will slightly follow the direction around the axis of the anchor ensuring any damage is minimal.

Alongside pallet racking came a Hi280 shelving solution to acommodate smaller, non-palletised goods.

The result

Racking: P90

  • Frames: P90/100
  • Frame height: 10.600 mm / End frames 11.000 mm.
  • Frame load 16.000 kg
  • Beam length: 3.600
  • Beam load: 3.200 kg
  • Sections: 792
  • Capacity: 18.936 Euro pallets


  • Mesh shelves on the picking levels, Customized frame protection to protect the HF chargers stored on the frames.

Shelving: HI280

  • Including galvanized side and back cladding
  • Frame height: 2.300 mm
  • Frame load: 1.200 kg
  • Shelving dimensions: 1.290 x 600 mm
  • Shelf load: 120kg
  • Sections: 820
  • Capacity: 6.347 m1

"We think it is very important to listen carefully and to think along with the customer, in order to find the best solution, both technically and economically. We want to be a flexible and reliable partner and can choose from a wide range of products. These are produced in our factories in Europe." - Jeroen Gieles, Project Manager at Dexion NL

Welkoop"For this project we have done ample research, considering many different racking suppliers. The racking meets our expectations, I honestly did not expect anything else from Dexion. I am satisfied with it." - Paul Heuven, DC Welkoop

About Welkoop BV

Beginning life as an agrarian cooperation, Welkoop BV is now a leading authority with knowledge about gardening and animal care. With 150 local stores across the Netherlands they work every day towards that single goal: helping customers obtain joy in their outdoor life all year round.