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8 Pallet Racking Configurations Explained

Pallet racking has been the most popular form of storage for decades. Ever since the first retailer started running out of space, this simple and effective form of shelving has provided the backbone to every successful business.

Pallet Racking ConfigurationsIt’s still the number one choice for storage for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, logistics companies and even museums and other repositories all over the world.

Whilst the principle behind pallet racking hasn’t changed much over the years, what has changed are the range and type of products that need to be stored, and more importantly accessed, swiftly and safely for onward delivery to its final destination. All these changes have resulted in the development of different types of pallet racking systems, and the means of accessing them.

With so many variations and options to choose from - and many permutations that can be combined or installed together - how do you find the one that is right for you?

Pallet Racking ConfigurationsThe best place to start is by drawing up a checklist of the key storage issues that you face in your operation. The most frequently mentioned include:

  • Insufficient capacity
  • Inability to adapt to meet changing needs and stock
  • Wasted space above racking
  • Inefficient and slow picking operation
  • Wasted aisle space
  • Need to reduce staffing levels
  • Over-reliance on specialist forklift trucks

All pallet racking will address these issues to a greater or lesser extent, so it’s now down to deciding which type offers you the solution based on your priorities.

Let’s have a look at what options are available and what each can do:

1. Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

While accommodating pallets on rack heights of up to 30 metres with maximum bay loads of more than 30 tons, this system provides high stability and unrestricted access at all times.

The system delivers versatility and assembly as single or double-depth racks. Extra features and a wide range of accessories are also available.

2. Narrow Aisle Racking

This can be a great solution when the storage floor space is limited. It allows quick order picking and fast access to any section of the system.

With a height that can go up to 12m and configurations that increase storage efficiency due to high density, the narrow aisle pallet racking may prove to be a good value for your investment.

3. Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Racking (MOVO) can be the ideal solution if you are looking to save space and increase storage capacity. Offering technical superiority and total flexibility, it is suitable for all kinds of stored goods.

Among the amazing benefits of this system, we should mention the reduction in energy, operating and cleaning costs, a good return on investment (ROI), full access to individual pallets and a wide range of accessories.

4. Pallet Shuttle System

A semi-automated, high-density storage solution that works in either First in, First out (FIFO) or as Last in, First out (LIFO). Ideal for situations such as cold storage, food and beverage production, and meat processing. It is cost-effective, time-saving and removes the need for forklift trucks to enter the aisles.

This system offers a very effective high-density storage with a low level of risk or damage to the equipment or operating staff.

5. Drive-in Pallet Racking

Creates efficiencies by reducing aisle loading and unloading times, yet allowing greater access compared to block-stacking. It can free-up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional systems.

Since it allows a limited stock rotation and it is only accessible by the FILO (First In, Last Out) principle, Drive-In pallet Racking can be a good solution for storing seasonal goods or chilled products.

6. Cart Push-back Trolleys

Offers high-density live storage to provide quick and easy access to loads from the same aisle face. This reduces truck travel distances and cuts cycle times. Can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas, such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers.

This system is ideal to maximise floor space and it is accessible by LIFO (Last In, First Out) principle. It can store up to 6 pallets in depth with up to 1400kg per pallet space.

7. Pull-Out Units

An efficient system that moves pallets back and forth like drawers, even with a full load up to 1000kg. Its ergonomic design reduces operation distances to allow faster and more efficient picking saving both time and space.

By installing pull-out units in your pallet racking, the number of pallet and picking locations can be increased, while still taking up the same space as before.

8. Push Back Rollers

A dynamic storage solution ideal for storing bulk goods on pallets that can be used to provide additional storage space in areas that may not be suitable for other systems. Up to 75% increase in storage capacity compared to conventional storage.

It rolls pallets automatically to the pick-face. The maximum storage capacity is 9 pallets per bay, accessible by LIFO (Last In, First Out) principle.

In short:

  • Handling mixed articles: Standard Aisle, Narrow Aisle, Mobile, Push-Back.
  • Adaptability: Standard Aisle, Narrow Aisle, Mobile.
  • High Density storage: Drive-in, Pallet Shuttle, Pallet Flow, Mobile.
  • Good for FIFO: Standard Aisle, Narrow Aisle, Pallet Shuttle, Pallet Flow, Mobile.

Need more information?

If you need any help or advice on design or a technical issue, Dexion is a good place to start. As one of the pioneers in developing pallet racking, we provide analysis, advice and ongoing support. Just ask!

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