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September 1st, seven new individuals start their apprentice program at Dexion Laubach

Starting shot for business careers at Dexion Laubach. This year we are pleased to be able to employ four new apprentices for commercial business and three more in our production plant.

Apprentice Program - Dexion LaubachOur main focus is to offer a well-founded program of training to the young people who start their business careers with us every year.

The high-quality training ensures that these young apprentices develop into capable, and qualified employees who fit perfectly into the requirements of our business as they leave the program.

Our aim is to offer young people a professional perspective and the best opportunities for their future lives, even beyond the training.

The seven young apprentices will be trained in different professions like:

  • 4 Industrial management assistants (commercial site)
  • 1 Industrial mechanic for plant maintenance (Industrial / technical site)
  • 1 Electronics engineer for industrial engineering (Industrial / technical site)
  • 1 Machine operator

Consistent with this, Dexion is able to meet the needs of the skilled labor force and train its own junior employees both in commercial and technical areas for a successful future.

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