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Dexion supports the Great Thursday tradition in schools of Râşnov

Dexion supported young talented students from Rasnov to develop their skills in the traditional art of Easter egg painting.

Easter Egg painting, RasnovAt this eleventh edition of the already traditional event, participated 20 children from the three schools in Râşnov.

They competed in two age categories - a category dedicated to the smallest artists from grades 0-4 and one for their older colleagues.

They were joined by another 20 enthusiasts who wanted to learn the first steps of this traditional art.

The event was organized by Râșnov City Hall, the Rosenau Tourism Association and Dexion Storage Solutions, while the location hosting the 2018 event was Dino Parc Râşnov.

The young participants from Râșnov schools did not spare any efforts in creating the most beautiful works of art on an egg shell, symbols of Easter and fragments of Romanian tradition, under the guidance of their teachers and invited craftsmen.

Easter Egg painting, Rasnov

With the participation of both new and some experienced contestants, this edition has been more engaging for the participants and yielded better results than ever before.

Dexion thanks all those involved in this project for their efforts to maintain a beautiful traditional craft by passing it on to the new generation and wishes Happy Easter Holidays to all its customers and partners.

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