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Warehouse Management Software TCPlus

Warehouse Management Software TCPlus

TCPlus is a warehouse management system (WMS) that has been developed for use with automated storage systems such as Tornado.

The software can identify stock items, storage locations and inventories. TCPlus enables an overview of the warehouse from simple inventory control to complex batch-picking systems that can contain multiple storage machines.


  • Optimization of storage and picking efficiency
  • Minimization of picking errors
  • Continuous inventory 24/7
  • Stock monitoring
  • Fast integration to all ERP systems and easy deployment
  • Easy to use – quick to learn
  • Clear user interface
  • Transfer of goods inside warehouse
  • Stock item reports
  • Transaction repetition diagrams for different storage areas and shelves
  • Transaction history (who, what, when, where)
  • Graphical monitoring of stock occupancy
  • Monitoring of storage location types
  • Monitoring of shelf loads
  • Label printing functions to ease processes
  • Internal product specific identifiers: pick labels, storage location labels, address labels
  • FIFO, dynamic storage locations and fixed storage locations with or without quantity management
  • Stock information control directly from the host system
  • Support for the monitoring and handling of production batches
  • Several language options
  • User account and access control
  • Product unit weight management
  • Attaching pictures to products
  • Assigning serial numbers to products during picking
  • Quick and easy-to-use tool for creating graphical storage layouts