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Plastic Trays and Bins

Plastic Trays and Bins

Ideal for storing smaller items, available in a number of sizes.

We offer a wide range of plastic trays and bins, from the very small parts bin, all the way up to the large Euro Containers.

With such a wide range of unit sizes it is possible to achieve numerous different combinations of tray or bins along the length of a shelf.

The most suitable trays and bins for HI280 shelving include:

  • ARCA Series 45, 91, and 92 of Storage Trays.
  • ARCA ranges of Modular Bins and Storage Bins.

Some of the unit sizes are more suitable than others to the different shelf lengths. When planning combinations it is worth considering the following points:

  • Unit sizes are nominal, and are the external dimensions.
  • Select the correct unit, with front to back dimensions to suit your shelf width.
  • Always use the same height bins on the same shelf, otherwise it is wasteful in height.
  • Operating clearances should be left between units, and between units and the uprights.
  • Unit sides may bow slightly if heavily loaded.
  • The available space between the HI280 uprights is 50mm less than the bay length.
  • Choice of colour for unit size identification, or stock control segregation.