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Slotted Side Panel

Slotted Side Panel

The shelving bay can be equipped with slotted panels for the storage of tools, equipment or other small to average sized products.

The side panels must always be used in association with a back panel. The panel is perforated with 9 x 9mm square holes on a 34mm square grid.

The side panels are locked against the back panel in the corners, and secured at the front with 2 clips, i.e. each bay requires 4 clips (2 left hand and 2 right hand).

Length: Standard length to suit a frame width of 500 mm
Height: Standard height of 1000mm
Material: 1.5mm thick steel
Finish: Painted Grey White RAL 9002

The clips are 1.0 mm thick pre-galvanised steel, available in left and right hand versions.