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There are many ways to store long goods such as wooden boards, slats, strips, extrusions, profiles, etc. These are often stored horizontally to prevent the long products from bending, but vertical storage is also possible. This is possible with A-racks.

The A-rack is so named, because the construction on the side is in the shape of the capital letter A. The A-rack can be used on both sides, so double storage is possible with only one rack. The A-rack is often used in do-it-yourself shops and wholesalers for building materials.

The A-rack is constructed using our standard P90 pallet rack components; the A-frames are fitted with horizontal support beams which are in turn fitted with divider arms. The horizontal support beams are height adjustable, per 50 mm. This means you can determine yourself at what height you want to place the divider arms.

The spacing of the divider arms are also adjustable in width to suit the products stored. This means smaller or larger storage locations can easily be made. If more storage locations are needed, then that is a matter of adding more divider arms. If you require fewer storage locations, then you can remove a number of divider arms.

MDF panels can be used to protect the ends of your stored goods from damage. It is also possible to install MDF wooden partitions to prevent short items from falling through. A wooden back wall is also possible. Often an anti-slip strip is placed on the floor, this prevents the products from sliding.

Advantages of an A-rack:

  • The divider arms are adjustable.
  • whereby smaller and / or larger storage locations can be made.
  • The rack can easily be expanded with several storage locations by adding divider arms.
  • The arrangement of the steel structure means that it can be used from both sides.
  • The horizontal support beams are height adjustable per 50 mm.
  • Height of the rack: 2 to 6 metres
  • Section width: from 1800 to 3600 mm.
  • Length of divider arm: 100 to 500 mm.
  • Please contact us if you require other sizes.