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Rollrack Long Product Storage

Rollrack Long Product Storage is your only true solution for storing certain long goods. Want a rational and economical cantilever alternative? Rollrack provides a 'honeycomb' of vertical dividing beams, giving you easy access to a pigeon-hole bay. 

The Rollrack is the rational alternative to traditional cantilever solutions. It's an advantageous system since goods are loaded and unloaded from the short side – the front – consequently creating less demand in the handling area.

Above each pigeon hole: a set of longitudinal fixed rails, each with a set of ball-bearing rollers. As the goods are fed into the rack, the cradle facilitates movement, allowing for easy insertion of long items into the Rollrack such as profiles, piping and mouldings.

The rack has four different sizes of modules to fulfil demand for various goods

  • Depths of Sections: 2350mm / 3500mm / 4650mm
  • Height: 2200mm
  • Loading: Up to 1500kg /pigeon-hole, load/section up to 9000kg
  • Pigeon-hole dimension: 200x180mm, 300x280mm, 400x380mm & 500x480mm