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The TELEKANT rack is a product which helps to address the issues of storage of bars in mechanical engineering and locksmith operations.

Storage of metal profiles in their standard length of 6 or 12 meters is a relatively complex task, in particular due to difficult handling in storage. TELEKANT cantilever rack with extendable arms allows safe manipulation of long profiles by crane. It is designed and intended for this type of operation.

Due to the ability to service the cantilever rack with a crane, up to 80 percent of the current handling area can be changed into a productive area. The TELEKANT rack can be installed in less accessible places or in close proximity to machinery that processes the stored material. Also,
the level of safety as well as speed and comfort when handling the profiles by crane is substantially higher.

The TELEKANT rack brings new operational possibilities as well. The area of the rack’s storage plane can be divided by separating spikes. This will create two (or three) narrow sections on the rack‘s storage level where several types of material can be visibly and separately stored with one hundred percent accessibility to each.

The same applies to effective management of residual materials and significant leftovers. In reality, their storage and subsequent processing is hardly carried out responsibly. Through accessible and well-arranged debris storage, the TELEKANT rack helps to increase the efficiency of the management of input materials and significantly affects the tidiness in the working area for processing profiles.

  • Design: one-sided or double-sided
  • Length of racks: for profiles of max. 12 m length
  • Control: manual or engine
  • Height: up to 3 500 mm
  • Standard length of arm: 900 mm
  • Maximal load capacity per 1 arm: 600 kg / 1 500 kg