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Crane Racking is a fully automated storage system, ideal for storing pallets and large items.

Designed to work within very narrow aisles and at a height of more than 30 metres, crane racking is an efficient, optimised storage solution.

Guided by a management software system, the crane travels along the aisles of the warehouse, where it enters, positions and extracts the goods.

For multi-deep configurations, crane racking is equipped with a shuttle which retrieves the pallet and delivers it directly to the front – ensuring maximum accessibility.

Crane Racking is designed to offer complete flexibility, from load capacity and building height, to cycle times and temperature control. The system adapts easily to the needs of each warehouse making it a highly effective storage solution for a vast range of applications.

  • Fully automatic, fast and safe
  • High throughput speed – dramatically reduces picking times
  • Maximum height utilisation – ensures all available space is fully optimised
  • Stock management system controls and updates the goods inventory – ensuring precise control of goods and eliminating manual operating errors
  • Easily adapts to special working conditions - from freezing temperatures (-30 °C) to extreme humidity
  • 30+ metres height