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Fully automatic stacking and destacking.
Choose a PALOMAT® Double Up, if you plan to both stack and destack 1+1 pallets together in a line and wish to use only electricity as the power source.

The PALOMAT® Double Up is completely AC operated.

You can place it anywhere with an available AC 230V outlet. This will immediately give you efficient and more flexible pallet handling – if your pallet flow changes, it is easy to reposition the PALOMAT® to a new location.

Pallets can be inserted and picked up using a hand pallet truck, electric stacker or a full-size forklift truck. All pallets are handled at floor level.

The PALOMAT® range ensures efficient and safe pallet flow without physical strain on your staff. With the use of a simple pallet truck, the pallets are placed into the dispenser where they are then efficiently and automatically stacked. A user-friendly touch panel on the side is used to access various functions.

Article no. 152501

  • Pallet size L x W x H (mm): 2x1200x800x150
  • Lifting capacity/No. of pallets: 2x500 kg / 2x15
  • Machine dimensions L x W x H (mm): 2720x1340x2350*

* Incl. safety frame for 15 pallets