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The new GonvaLift is faster, moves more quietly and offers even more safety for people and stored goods. At the push of a button, it brings the “goods to the person” and looks really good in its new modern design. Even more efficient, safer and ergonomic order picking.

The GonvaLift has many new functions such as:

  • Increased safety due to the locking of the tray in the operating opening
  • Greater efficiency due to faster tray changes and higher storage capacity

The new vertical lift is designed without the need for any additional moulding, so installation is quick and easy. It is divided into multiple speed zones, which makes tray switches faster and safer.

Operator safety is a top priority for the GonvaLift. Internal and external safety light grids stop the travel process immediately in case of danger.

The high-speed zone and our Windows-based WMS system allow for greater efficiency and accurate order picking, and can be easily integrated into existing IT. The IoT system provides proactive support, documents and guidance, with full remote support available. Password
protection also brings additional security.

The advantages of the GonvaLift at a glance:

  • Increased speed and silent functions
  • Multiple speed zones, including both ‘slow’ zone for enhanced safety, and ‘high’ zone for fast tray switching
  • Two tray locations at the picking opening
  • Efficient and accurate order picking performance
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Enhanced safety solutions, with trays at opening locked in position and emergency stop close at hand
  • Password protected access levels for added security
  • Possibility to access your machine remotely and IoT connectivity to provide proactive support and guidance
  • Windows-based WMS system allowing easy integration into existing IT environment
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Practical and highly efficient with large capacity and sleek design
  • Safety light barriers replace inner door
  • Quick and easy installation due to pre-assembled modules

Technical data:

  • Total height: 2600 - 15000 mm
  • Tray width: 4000 mm
  • Tray depth: 820 mm
  • Tray load capacity: 300 / 500 kg
  • Height of stored goods: up to 600 mm
  • Storage and retrieval speed: up to 1.4 m/s
  • Total load capacity: up to 60 t
  • Electricity: 400 VAC, 16 A
  • Motor output: 8 kW

GonvaLift - The New Generation Vertical Lift