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Mobile Pallet Racking (MOVO)

Introducing how we can increase your warehouse efficiency!
Moving premises can be costly and logistically challenging. That’s where MOVO our mobile pallet racking system comes in!

But what is MOVO?
Mobile racking is pallet racking mounted on rails. It's a dynamic, compact storage solution that offers total flexibility and is suitable for every type of goods. The condensed nature of the system creates extra space, maximises the storage area while retaining 100% accessibility. The laterally moveable racking runs are controlled by radio remote control or by pressing a button on the rack. When the racking opens an aisle is created for a forklift truck or automated guided vehicle to enter and pick the order, manual picking is also a possibility.

Advantages of mobile racks

  • More storage – 80% more capacity than conventional pallet racking
  • Space saving – save up to 50% of the space required by conventional pallet racking
  • Accessibility – 100% individual pallet access
  • Versatility – suitable for all types of warehouse goods, including coils and long goods
  • Economical – cuts energy, operating and cleaning costs; allowing for a good ROI
  • Safety assured – safety is paramount with the host of audiable and visual features that come as standard
  • Cold storage – Guaranteed operational safety of -30°C; ideal for use in cold-storage rooms

What satisfied customers say

“The Dexion team were friendly and helpful - getting in contact was quick and easy, which was very welcome considering the short time span we had available! From the beginning of the project we were insured of “High-quality solutions and high-quality materials”, and it has definitely been so.” -
Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois - managers of Dely Waffles

MOVO - Mobile pallet racking offers two distinct advantages


  • Increase the storage capacity by up to 80%
  • Optimal use of floor space


  • Streamline operations by reducing the footprint of the storage area
  • Gain over 50% more operating area for efficiency

3 reasons to choose MOVO mobile pallet racking


Customer tailored solutions


Robust materials and advanced technology used for long-term reliability and safety


Access monitoring with safety light barriers protects people

Mobile Pallet Racking is the perfect solution in cold stores

95% of all European cold stores are equipped with mobile racking

  • Reduced energy and operating costs
  • The light control system makes sure that only the open aisle is illuminated
  • Guaranteed operational safety of -30°C
  • Automating freezer warehouses and keeping lift trucks inside the freezer can reduce energy consumption
  • Manual control by remote control or existing warehouse management systems

Mobile racking controls: at the touch of a button

A range of control options are available to meet all requirements:

  • Light control – only the open aisle is lit
  • Commission mode – open pre-selected aisles
  • Night position – even spread – improves air circulation
  • Sprinkler position – a mode for fire protection
  • Picking position – multiple aisles partially open for access
  • Remote control – diagnostic and maintenance from experts
  • Aisle selection via radio control – remote controlled aisle selection saves time as the fork lift truck driver can open the aisles before arrival

Operating the MOVO can be done either from the central pilot control, from controls on each trolley or via remote radio control.

Mobile racking safety features

  • Acoustic warning before each movement
  • Flashing light during the whole movement process
  • Emergency stop buttons on each trolley
  • Complete safeguarding of the MOVO area by a multi-beam access control
  • Local safeguarding of the single trolleys by bidirectional lightbarriers in the foot areas

Software & Connectivity


We support and advise on setting up the interface between ERP and WMS.

With the GOpus® eBusiness solution, we offer you the option of connecting to SAP systems.


The choice is yours!

Easily integrated into your WMS.


MOVO Control receives requests and controls the mobile rack.

Service & Maintenance


Maintained service history, tracking the maintenance history and repairs.


Address potential problems before they escalate into major breakdowns. Minimising repair costs and downtime.

Serviced and inspected by qualified, experienced technicians.


For quick and efficient trouble shooting. reducing downtime and the need for onsite visits.

Is mobile pallet racking cost efficient?


Increase in your investment


Cheaper pallet places


More storage capacity

Based on 1000kg Europallet


Let’s discuss how MOVO can boost your warehouse efficiency! Get in touch with us.