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Dexion meets Vertical Farming industry partners and headlines innovative solutions at leading Modern Agriculture event

Dexion’s Vertical Farming Manager, Liviu Manea, and Product Development Engineer, Cristian Bucioaca supported Dexion’s new endeavour in Vertical Farming by attending one of most important worldwide events in the promotion of modern agriculture methods.

Vertical FarmingAt the event our representatives were able to meet some of our top partners in this new world.

They were able to meet our partners from Growpipes. Together with them Dexion developed a trolley manufactured of standard and customized steel racking parts that allow for their PVC grow pipes to be easily stored and handled without using extremely expensive and complicated Aluminium profiles.

Our representatives also encountered there, Intelligent Growth Solutions, with whom Dexion is working together in the field of semiautomated vertical farming, putting together the strengths of their dedicated storage and retrieval system and our standard frame structures as support.

These projects and more, got Dexion an invite from the Vertical Farming Association to have a major role in their upcoming Whitepaper focusing on the companies most involved in the development of new technologies in the Vertical Farming industry.

Vertical Farming

Here is what Liviu Manea, the man in charge of our Vertical Farming initiative had to say:

"AgraME Expo held in Dubai last week, was the perfect opportunity for our Product and Business Development to meet our partners, as well as to make new connections.

IGS had a nice stand, with a miniature Growth Tower, being able to showcase how it works and what advantages it brings in this emerging industry. Dexion is proud to support IGS with the Tower structure using in 99% of the cases only standard racking parts

Our partner Growpipes was also in Dubai. They have presented how important the networking in the VF industry is. We support their patented growing solution with our steel structure providing modularity, easy assembly and scaling possibility.

Both are very happy with the cooperation, as besides good quality products and engineering support they benefit of large-scale manufactured products which it is well known that leads to efficient costs.

From a different perspective, the meeting with Christine and Thea from the Vertical Farming Association, was really pleasant and full of interesting discussions.
From white paper releases to mushroom growing racks inside the lab in Münich we all agreed that a bright future lies ahead of our cooperation.

Changing the way we look at global food chain, and trying to bring it closer to the user, is one of our goals in GMH. We understand that we are not the growers nor the farmers! At the same time, we realize that we can offer extensive support thru engineering know how and large-scale manufacturing expertise."

GROWPIPES is a highly scalable vertical farming solution making it possible to maximize any given cultivation area whether it is for a small home unit or a large commercial greenhouse system.

GROWPIPES business concept is to design and manufacture the most economically sustainable and most efficient cultivation system to create profitable farms with the lowest possible water consumption.

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is the leading global, non-profit organisation that enables international exchange and cooperation in order to accelerate the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry.

IGS delivers platforms that create ideal climates for plants and people. Based upon a culture of continuous innovation and brilliant, simple design we refuse to accept conventional technical thinking.

IGS’ mission is to engineer sustainable solutions to enhance indoor environments across agricultural and commercial spaces.

Vertical FarmingAgraME is the leading event promoting sustainable, innovative agricultural practices to ensure food security in the region.

They are committed to showcase in the world’s top technologies and methods for sustainable agriculture to help compliment government initiatives driving food security in the MENA region.

The 2021 edition of AgraME brought a refreshed focus, and renewed emphasis on three core sectors: Horticulture and Indoor Farming, Livestock Nutrition and Health and AgTech.

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