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Dexion were excited to attend VertiFarm – the first international tradeshow dedicated to Vertical Farming

This exciting event took place between the 27th – 29th September in Dortmund, Germany where Dexion joined around 70 exhibitors from 17 different countries in the first tradeshow for next level farming and new food systems.

VertiFarm DortmundVertiFarm was the ideal opportunity for us to discover more about vertical farming and how we can help to make a difference. With a team of representatives from our German and Romanian offices, we greeted prospective partners at our stand, it was fantastic to see experts from agriculture, science, and other industries.

At Dexion, we’re not farmers but we have the expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing storage solutions which optimise the use of available space – proving that we are the ideal partners in vertical farming enterprises. The event provided us the chance to show visitors at our stand videos of our solutions, scale models and samples of our various systems to be explored, along with brochures dedicated to what we can do for this industry.

Over the course of the three days, topics ranged from technology innovations and new food systems to financing change and holistic business models. The second day took particular attention towards retailers and resellers by covering subjects such as urban development, sustainability, energy efficiency and ROI. Whilst the third day gifted the opportunity for students, universities, start-ups, and new projects to take the VertiFarm stage to present themselves under the banner of Vertical Farming and New Food Systems.

VertiFarm DortmundVasilica Turturica, Business Development Manager for Dexion and head of our vertical farming initiative, attended the event and had this to say: “I would like to thank my colleagues from the German and Romanian offices in their support of this initiative. The cooperation has been fantastic and during the 3 extremely busy days we managed to gather a wealth of information and connections in this field. It was a chance to increase our visibility in the industry as key suppliers in the international vertical farming market.”

Global Vertical Farming Campaign

With the world's population expected to exceed 9.7 billion people by 2050, vertical farming will become a necessary solution in worldwide food production.

Vertical farming offers environmental and economic benefits. It maximises use of small areas, requires fewer resources to operate (such as water) and is not weather-dependent, therefore providing crops all year round.

VertiFarm DortmundCurrently, there are around 74 acres operational vertical farming in the world, so it contributes to just a tiny proportion to the world's agricultural sector, but there is enormous scope to expand this. Now with VertiFarm bringing together people in agriculture, science, and other industries such as ours in warehouse logistics solutions.

The fair was a great success, and it was a wonderful venue for everyone to get together to be able to share their advice and experiences within this industry. We had a great time getting to know the people who visited our stand and to get a better understanding on how we can support vertical farming to grow for a better future.

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