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Join Constructor Denmark at this year's HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia

The most important tradeshow for tech and industry in North Europe is back for another year. As regular attendees over the last two decades, of course we will be there again!

Constructor Denmark at HITechFrom 3rd- 5th October 2023, we will be joining over 490 other exhibitors to showcase our extensive knowledge in warehouse logistics solutions.

For over 60 years, the trade fair has become renowned as the meeting place for intralogistics in Scandinavia. It's where companies from the five strongest sectors gather for an exciting few days of presentations and activities.

From Automation & Robotics, Sub Suppliers, and Food Technology to Internal Logistics, and Machinery, Welding & Production equipment, you can discover the different solutions each of the five sectors have to offer. This includes finding out more about our very own storage systems.

HI Tech offers the perfect opportunity to meet our team of friendly experts where you can ask us any questions about who we are and what we do. Additionally, we'll be there to guide you through our products and offer any helpful tips and advice.

It's a chance to explore our products and discover more about how we can help people like you in the warehouse industry. So come visit us at stand H6120.

TORNADO machineHere’s what we will be showcasing:

  • P90 pallet racking – with a variety of widths, depths and heights, P90 pallet racking is highly adaptable to your specific needs and is suited to all types of pallets.
  • Hi280 on POU – an easily customisable shelving solution that can be modified to fit in and around your business for quick and easy access.
  • Safety accessories – we understand the importance of health and safety in busy environments such as warehouses, that's why we offer a wide variety of safety accessories with our pallet racking, shelving and machines to ensure your staff and goods are protected from damage.
  • TORNADO machine – an automatic system that provides fast and accurate picking that can save up to 70% floor space capacity.
  • Shuttle system – is a high-density storage solution for the handling of goods, it's cost effective and saves time for busy environments.
  • LS3 shelving – Shelving made simple with its modular design, it's quick and easy to assemble for those requiring a swift fitting for maximum storage capacity.


We understand the importance of warehouse logistics and utilising every available space within the building to achieve maximum capacity, which is why we design and manufacture our storage systems. Resulting in saving up to 70% on existing floor space, reducing picking errors by up to 70% and cutting down on picking times by 60%.

With a variety of solutions covering full automation, semi-automation or manual operations, we offer products to suit all kinds of warehouses.

So, come and join us at stand H6120! You can get your tickets here!

If you can't wait until October to come and see us, contact us here to discover more about our cutting-edge warehouse solutions.

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