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Celebrating a Decades-Long Partnership: Dexion & Martin Whitworth

Here at Dexion, we're proud to build lasting relationships with our partners, and the one we have with Martin Whitworth, Sales Director of our esteemed partner SEC Group, is no exception. It's a great honour to celebrate this milestone with him.

SEC and Dexion 20 year partnershipMartin has been a key collaborator with Dexion for nearly two decades, successfully implementing warehouse storage solutions worldwide.  

As Sales Director of SEC Exports, communication is an integral part of his role, by managing relationships with customers across the globe from Africa, the Middle East to USA and the Caribbean.

Hailing from southern Africa, Martin possesses a profound understanding of the region's people, culture, and communities, enabling him to provide exceptional customer service to his international clientele. 

He has actively participated in various Government Trade Missions and partnered with British Embassies in African territories to develop infrastructures necessary for warehouse solutions in challenging environments.

From Accra to Nairobi, Martin has expertly applied his design and engineering skills to implement warehouse storage solutions in numerous installations across the continent in collaboration with Dexion. 

His experience extends to handling large-scale projects in the oil and gas as well as mining industries, often in remote and demanding locations. Dealing with challenges ranging from floods and extreme temperatures to unexpected encounters with local wildlife, like the memorable baboon takeover incident causing a 2-day installation delay, Martin has demonstrated resilience and adaptability throughout his career.

Furthermore, in recent years, the scope of customer installations has diversified to encompass a wide range of industries, including agriculture and bespoke projects such as Marley Spoon, a substantial meal delivery service operating across the USA with three expansive warehouses spanning from New York to California.

Irrespective of the project's location or industry, Martin continues to bring his warehouse design expertise, skillfully integrating the best solutions that Dexion has to offer. This strong partnership is poised to endure well into the future, and we're excited for what is to come.

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