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International company Dexion provides local support to Romania’s most disadvantaged children

Dexion, one of Europe’s leading industrial, commercial and retail storage solutions providers, is the largest employer in the Transylvanian town of Rasnov in Romania. 

Dexion Romania- Libra Foundation As part of an international company they are frequently asked to support many charities, but it is those close to home that have added appeal. So when Dexion heard about the Libra Foundation, a charity that supports Romania’s most disadvantaged children in local residential centres, had a shelter in Bradet, which is very close to their operation in Rasnov, they were keen to know more.

The Libra Foundation is a UK charity that enables students from the UK to come to Romania for two weeks to provide resources and experiences to the children, many of whom have disabilities that the centres, schools and families cannot otherwise afford.

The students pay fees and carry out fund-raising activities before they arrive and during their stay. In return they gain experience and learn commitment, loyalty, planning and organisation and develop a new awareness of the world around them.

“The team in Rasnov are very much part of the community and are always keen on giving something back,” said Brian Howson, General Manager of Dexion, Romania. “When we discovered the excellent work that the Libra Foundation is doing, we knew we wanted to help in a way that would be of real and lasting benefit locally. The charity told us that a donation would be invaluable as this would help with project costs.”

Virginia Darley CEO Libra Foundation explained, “The bulk of the internal costs of the charity are covered by the students’ own fees, so that the fundraising that each of them do in the charity’s name can be put to good use on the activities for the children in Romania. However, when we are given donations such as yours to cover the project costs, it enables us to be more creative and expand the work we do with the children and young people.

“We were so pleased to receive the contribution from Dexion. This sort of donation is hugely encouraging to all of us in the centre of Libra and is as an endorsement to all the hard work that we have put into the charity. I have been working with our Therapy Trustee, to ensure that we have the necessary equipment and activities to give the children and young people in Bradet an excellent experience. We’re looking forward to finding ways to strengthen our collaboration with Dexion,” added Virginia.

Dexion Romania- Libra Foundation About Dexion

Dexion has been present in Romania since 2006, becoming one of SE Europe’s market leaders in the field of designing, manufacturing and selling various storage systems, from pallet racking to archive solutions. Dexion offers both storage systems manufactured in the Romanian factory, and from the factories in Holland, Finland and Germany.

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About Libra

The Libra Foundation takes UK students out to Romania to work in children’s residential centres, with children from Roma communities and with underprivileged Romanian children. The charity's vision is of a more integrated Romanian society that celebrates the diversity and promotes the equality of its young people.

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