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Dexion Launches new Websites in Eastern Europe

Dexion has launched new websites in Eastern Europe to highlight its wide range of products.

New Websites LaunchesAs part of Dexion’s policy of expanding its presence in Eastern Europe, new Dexion websites were recently launched in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia - Herzegovina and Muntenegro. All of these websites are in the respective languages. People interested in the company’s wide range of products, can easily learn more by visiting the local website and reading information in their own language.

Dexion websites allow you to visualize the products both from the point of view of their structure and the applications they are recommended for.

“Here at Dexion, we are comitted to supporting the Eastern European market. Due to the high number of requests we received, we have decided to further increase our presence in the area and give our customers easier, direct and customized access to information about our extensive range of storage solutions.

We are also expanding our current network of distributors by adding strong and professional companies with good knowledge of the local logistics and storage systems markets in Eastern Europe. To help these distributors and highlight Dexion’s presence in the area, we decided to create regionalized Dexion websites for all Eastern European countries, with detailed company, product and services information in the relevant languages.

These websites are a great asset to everybody in these countries who is interested in the Dexion’s storage solutions range.” Said Florin Rotaru, Export Manager for Dexion Storage Solutions.

The new websites are designed to give the visitors a maximum amount of information, as easily accessible as possible. We invite you to visit all our new websites and we welcome your feedback as part of our continuous improvement culture.


Dexion is a leading company on the European market, in the field of supplying various solutions, ranging from pallet racking to archiving solutions. Dexion can offer on the a wide range of storage solutions, manufactured in its factories from Germany, Romania, Finland and Russia.

The company stands out on the market through its combination of high quality products and superior service levels. Dexion’s 50 year experience in the field of manufacturing pallet racking and various storage systems is a testament to the brand’s dedication to high quality and continuous innovation.

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