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Innovative Storage Solutions Forge Stronger BILKA-Dexion Partnership

Introduction to BILKA's Roofing Excellence

BILKA, a leader in Eastern Europe's roofing industry, specialises in comprehensive roofing systems for both residential and industrial buildings. Dominating the Romanian market, BILKA's products are renowned for quality and durability, catering to one-fourth of the country's roofing needs.

Storage outdoor for raw materialsIdentifying BILKA's Unique Storage Needs

Faced with the challenge of efficiently storing diverse products, including sensitive steel sheet rolls exposed to harsh weather, BILKA sought a solution that would streamline their storage processes for both raw materials and finished goods.

Dexion's Tailor-Made Solution

Dexion, known for its expertise in material handling and customised storage solutions, stepped in with its P90 pallet racking system. Designed for adaptability and future expansion, the solution addressed BILKA’s immediate and evolving storage needs, reinforcing the importance of understanding client-specific requirements in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Strengthening Outdoor Storage

Addressing outdoor storage challenges, Dexion implemented cantilever racking systems and protective roofing, enhancing resilience against severe weather conditions. This strategic move ensured the longevity and safety of BILKA’s valuable materials, demonstrating Dexion’s capability in providing robust outdoor storage solutions.

Mobile shelving for archival documentsRepeat Business: A Testament to Success

The ongoing partnership has resulted in over 20 orders, including enhancements to existing systems and innovations like mobile shelving for archival documents. This repeat business underlines Dexion’s excellence in project delivery, quality, and post-sale support, leading to BILKA achieving record sales.

Conclusion: A Partnership Built on Trust and Innovation

The BILKA-Dexion collaboration exemplifies the synergy between understanding client needs and delivering high-quality, professional storage solutions. As BILKA expands, Dexion remains a pivotal ally, offering durable and efficient storage systems that contribute to the construction industry’s evolving demands.

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