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Testing Lab

Our European in-house quality control endlessly tests components from across the entire product range, to ensure that safety remains uncompromised and are fully regulated by the European Norm EN15512.

Dexion has a dedicated European in-house quality control centre where our components are regularly subjected to stringent quality control tests using state of the art technology and highly trained technicians.

Our testing centre is integral to our high standards and workmanship of our products, where we continually innovate new products and improve existing ones. Our rigorous quality control procedures are highly respected ensuring that we remain the brand of choice.

All of our products have been tested to ensure safety as standard across the product ranges.

  • Stub Column Tests
  • Compression tests on uprights including:
  • Distortional buckling
  • Buckling curve test
  • Bending test on beam and connectors
  • Bending tests on upright sections
  • Floor connections
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