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One small part: a multitude of benefits

The rise in popularity of in-rack fire sprinklers has produced many benefits for warehouse safety. 

P90 Sprinkler BracketIn-rack sprinklers win hands down over a ceiling sprinkler system in many modern structures because they eliminate the problems associated with sloping and very high ceilings, they can be positioned closer to the shelves holding the goods, and due to their proximity to the source of the fire, they have the potential to activate when the fire is smaller which means less chance of it spreading as well as reducing the amount of water damage to other areas.

However, all this relies on the pipework that carries the water or air/gas being correctly installed and remaining straight and true.

If the pipework becomes bent and out of shape to such an extent that the water- in the case of wet-pipe sprinkler system, or gases or compressed air - in the case of dry-pipe systems –the consequences can be devastating. Even if no lives are lost, or injuries sustained, the loss of stock through fire or water damage can and does destroy businesses.

Having a sprinkler system that doesn’t work is worse than having no sprinkler system at all.

Dexion R&D engineers recognised the problem of sagging pipework and have designed and manufactured a small but essential piece of kit for the P90 Speedlock range of racking: the P90 Sprinkler bracket.

Available in two sizes to reflect the different loading requirements, the P90 Sprinkler bracket is one- sided and can be installed directly onto the upright. This gives it additional stability and strength. To conform to EN 12845:2004, the lengths of pipework each bracket can support will depend on the maximum load required and complexity of the system.

To find out more about the P90 Sprinkler brackets and for help with calculating your own requirements for compliance and safety purposes, please get in touch.

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