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Dexion Pallet Shuttle Storage Solutions - A first step to Automated Warehouse

Real estate is expensive. Increasing footprint or relocating warehousing and storage to larger premises is not always an option. Before taking the decision to move or expand, organisations should first ‘think inside the box’ to optimise what they have.

Pallet Shuttle SystemFor businesses where space is at a real premium, pallet shuttle systems can be the first step towards a fully optimised and automated solution. Dexion’s new Pallet Shuttle System can be designed as either a semi or fully automated storage solution for handling goods in high-density areas that makes optimum use of space while improving efficiency.

Businesses suited to pallet shuttle systems

Dexion’s Pallet shuttle systems can be especially useful for cold storage, food industry, meat processing and drinks production and distribution warehouse environments. As it works with both First-In-First-Out and Last-In-First-Out, it is suitable for businesses that depend on an efficient pallet flow system for goods with a ‘best before date’.

Reducing the need for forklift truck access

While drive-in racking addresses the need for high capacity storage, it is not always efficient, as it requires specialised trucks and operators to enter the racking system along designated aisles. Dexion’s Pallet Shuttle System removes the need for forklifts to enter aisles and therefore frees up additional space for further storage as well as avoiding damage to racking caused by everyday contact with vehicles.

Pallet Shuttle and ForkliftIntelligent remote control

The shuttle is controlled by the forklift truck driver or in fully-automated applications via integrated machines. Pallets are placed by the driver onto a remote-controlled pallet cart (shuttle) located at the front of the rack. The shuttle picks up the pallet and moves it through the system, placing the pallets within a predetermined gap throughout the channel.

Pallets can then be collected by the forklift driver at the other end of the racking channel using a remote control. This unit can provide information on the channel and allows operatives to specify how many pallets should be brought to the face for collection. Information on the complete system is stored in the unit, making inventory and stock control processes instant and easily managed.

The Dexion shuttle will automatically return to its start point as soon as its battery life starts to diminish, allowing the operative to install a charged replacement battery or a second unit. This guarantees that pallets won’t be abandoned mid-way within the racking system.

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