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Cart Push-back Trolleys provide your teams with high-density live storage so they can have quick and easy access to loads in warehouse environments. They can load and unload pallets from the same aisle face; reducing truck travel distances and cutting cycle times. 

A range of trolley sizes is available to suit all types and sizes of pallets. Colour coding of trolleys and a unique multi-wheel design aid stock identification and ensure trolleys run smoothly and reliably – even in the demanding environment of a cold stores.

Cart Push-back Trolleys can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas, such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers.

Our Cart Push-back Trolleys offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Quick and easy access to all storage lanes
  • Maximise floor space
  • Ideal for bulk storage/cold store
  • Pallets automatically presented at the rack pick face
  • Accessible by Last-in, First-out (LIFO) principle
  • Up to 6 pallets deep
  • Very high occupancy rates, compared to Drive-in Racking or Block Stacking.

For more information on system availability in your country, please select your region.

The cart push back has high storage capacity and less space is required in comparison to conventional racking

The Cart Push Back system:

  • is designed as a LIFO system
  • can store up to 6 pallets in the depth
  • can take up to 1400kg per pallet space
  • is compatible with Euro Pallets, GKN Pallets and Chep Pallets as well as other types of pallets and containers
  • is suitable for fast picking and retrieving operations